Serious Games Research

Using an internal grant from Bradley, we started working on the design and implementation of the prototype of a serious game to assist Type II diabetes patients. The game was designed in conjunction with three Bradley seniors, Andrew Howell and Nick Trompeter, Interactive Media majors, and Ian Yeager, Computer Science major and our doctor and resident partners at Methodist Medical Center of Illinois (MMCI). A informational website and twitter account (@DapperGame) provide more detailed information.

Scholarly Research

We continue research into the lack of diversity among undergraduate students studying games at post-secondary institutions in the United States and United Kingdom. Our initial study has concluded and the results of our first journal article is available here. Data analysis includes a comparison of the 2005 IGDA Industry Demographics Survey to current undergraduate students. This research is being conducted with my collaborators, Drs. Amber Settle (DePaul) and Adrienne Decker (RIT).

Production Work

Fall 2012 brought an interesting semester, and the facilitation of six games in IM 313, the course in which students are first exposed to a semester-long production cycle. Several games turned out very well with all original art and sound, and one team of two students (Laura Schirmer and Anson Goode) put together “Raging Winds of Zephyr”. Play it at You’ll need the Unity Player to play it, but it is safe and beneficial for anyone who enjoys playing games.

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